Sweater for little girl…

Strip knitting…ever thought about it? If you don’t like the way colors pool with variegated yarn this is a great option.2False_argyle_vest
Sometimes the way the colors pool it turns out like argyle…but sometimes it doesn’t!
The vest (below) looked awful on the front but the back (to the left) turned out great.


When I got the MexiColor yarn from RedHeart I knew I had to change the way the colors showed up so I decided to divide and conquer! I started with a regular sweater pattern I designed using Sweater 101 Workshop, which I adore (gone thru two copies thanks to kitties and pups that like to throw up on and chew things). I then started dividing each sweater front into three sections and did seam as you go when knitting each one. sweaterDid the same to the back but in 5 sections, and did the sleeves in 3 sections each. Then I hung the bottom edge back on the machine and did the ribbing, and like wise for the fronts and neck. I like the way the colors repeated each time breaking up those long color sections into much smaller ones.


This was knit for my youngest when she was 7 years old…in 2015 she is 21, married, and getting ready to give me a grandchild!

2005-10-01 11.53.05