Help knitting socks…toe up or top down.

This webpage (link below) is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been wanting to knit baby socks, but I hate following patterns. I love toe up socks cause I can just start knitting and fit the sock as I go. Doesn’t work as well when knitting for others but I guestimate the length between toe section and heel and usually come up with a fairly good fitting sock.

What is so awesome here is that she posts videos of Judy’s Magic Cast-on, Priscilla’s short-row heel, and Elizabeth’s sewn bind-off in one convenient spot!!

I’m going up in the air and down again in a few weeks so I’ll need a small project that I can take with me…with my laptop I can easily refer to these videos as I knit without having to worry about following a pattern or losing (gasp) the pattern in mid trip.

Here’s the link: