Hand Knit Socks

Nothing like a warm pair of handknit socks on you feet!

I need warm socks and the ones at the store just don’t hold up like the hand knit ones so this year I’m going to knit a bunch – and spin a bunch of wool with the inspirations from this book (above) to help me accomplish this goal.

The socks below are out of some left over Brown Sheeps wool on cones that I picked up from a garage sale  about 5 years ago when a production knitter I knew decided to pack it all up and move to Arizona! I  must have spent at least 200 bucks and I’m still working my way thru what I got that day.

socksI prefer toe up socks as I can easily try them on and do the heel when it’s the right length. I also prefer the short row heel as I don’t need to do any fancy counting of gusset stitches to turn the heel. I do the figure 8 cast on for 4 to 8 sts depending on whether it’s for a child or adult. Then I increase until I get the right amount of sts and do straight knitting until it’s time to do the heel, then I do a couple inches of straight stocking st  before starting my k2p2 or k1p1 ribbing. Easy peasy!

One of the hardest things to do is cast off without making the edge too  tight to fit the leg. I’ve tried many and never been satisfied with the fit, either too loose and almost frilly or still too tight. Then last month I decided to look around again and found Slip Slip Knit and her tutorial on the Miraculous Elastic Bind Off. I love it! It’s a nice neat edge with a firm fabric but stretches nicely for any set of ankles…and mine are a bit chubby these days now that I’m a grandmother!!

handknit socks

The pair to the right is a solid red pair I did for hubby out of the same yarn as the above pair. I finished them in two days…love how bulky yarn and 6mm needles knit up so fast! I’m currently working on a pair for him that has a red cuff, blue body, and red toes and heels.

dog & knitting socksSuki is my constant companion and knitting supervisor…she is 13 now and has overseen the making of many a pair of socks!