Crochet Hat & Scarf Set


I belong to the group Crochet Addict on Facebook. A lady posted a picture of a pattern she made and a link to the page with the original pattern. It’s called The Margaret Button Cowl.




I loved the stitch and decided to make my own version of this cowl and add a hat.








Above photo shows how it should be worn with the brim folded up and the scarf folded double and I may put a button on it or leave it as is so it fits inside a jacket…haven’t decided yet.

The picture below shows the way the hat with brim was crocheted, from the top ¬†with a magic circle of 8hdc – see this page for pattern – I crocheted down until it fit over my ears, like a beanie, then I changed to the pattern stitch and crocheted another 4/5 inches for the brim. I wound up ripping it out several times as it was too tight and had to try different ways to get more room. I wound up crocheting 4 chains instead of three and put one chain between each double crochet cluster that goes over the 4 chains….it fits nicely without being bulky or too tight.