Crochet Hats – I see a lot of happy little girls at Easter this coming year!!

Wow! Its taken days and days of scouring the net to find info on this hat and i finally found more info, someone wrote a pdf in English and it’s here:

I also found info here:

If anyone finds more please let me know!!

Just found a source for hat sizing:

Source: Google Translate

panama (2) (469x640, 74Kb)

bonnet blanc au bouquet de fleurs..

Chart above (for above white hat) found at:

There are many more lovely hats on that site…really nice!



Google translate says ‘knit’ but we know it’s crochet…

cap-beds (1) (440x600, 79Kb)


And here is a link to a video on making a similar hat:

And to top it off here is a chart of hat sizes…



Here are some links to flowers that you can crochet:

(4) Name: 'Crocheting : FREE Gratitude Flower


ANd here’s another beautiful hat:

bonnet dame 1.

bonnet dame 1..

bonnet dame 1...