Knit Blankets on Passap E6000

flower blanketI’ve been knitting blankets since 2002 when my friend Judi started helping me figure out how to do it on the Passap E6000. I’d purchased the machine awhile ago but was totally intimidated by the process, Judi offered to help and many phone calls later I had my first blanket done!!

Some people think it’s cheating to use a machine – but the same can then apply to those who use a sewing machine to sew a dress…it’s not done by hand if you use a machine by that same standard!!! dog blanket

I design for myself on the  computer, use a software program called DAK to download the pattern to the machine, and then poof…it come out all by itself! Same as a sewing machine right? LOL!! WRONG!!

Dog blanket being knit on a computerized knitting machine.
Dog blanket being knit on a computerized knitting machine.

It still takes a lot of skill to sew a dress when using a sewing machine and the same is true when knitting with a machine. You not only have to figure out how to get the machine to knit out the pattern you also have to figure out the shaping (heavy math skills) and know when the machine is messing up and how to fix it. Takes years of practice to get good at it….as a hand knitter I was  lucky cause I had all the skills I’d developed with my handknitting over the years so all I had to do was get used to using the machine with 400 needles instead of just two…only slightly more complicated! Heavy sarcasm there, just incase you didn’t notice.

baby blanket

dog blanketstest sample for blankets