Wraps Per Inch Method

Wraps per inch method

How to buy enough yarn using the Wraps Per Inch method

I have always been a yarn-a-holic, as such I’ve got balls of yarn from yard sales that don’t have their band on them and without this info I find it impossible to figure out how to use the yarn…I know, swatch it…but then do I have enough for that dream sweater? Or how do I figure out which size yarn it is?

Enter this page…I’ve linked it here so I can find it again, hopefully if you’ve found it you’ll find it useful too.

I found it by looking at recycling yarn on pinterest, found a well done blog on it by Dawn Prickett on recycling sweaters for the yarn and followed a link that took me to this page:

Woolfestival <<click here for lots more info

wraps per inch








To learn about how to figure out how many wraps per inch your yarn has refer to videos on youtube, there are many, this one is a good place to start: